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Trinity Wellness

We offer signature treatments in Toronto.

Life is a journey.  Our body is the vessel that allows us to live our life.  Different decades give a different focus.  At Trinity, we provide modern treatment options no matter what stage you are in on your journey.

Senior man with back pain. Spine physical therapist and paient. chiropractic pain relief therapy. Age related backache


“To provide therapies for Body, Mind and Spirit.”

Extended Health Care (EHC)

Some of the treatments may be covered by Extended Health. In such cases, we accept direct billing .

Car Accident Case (MVA)

We have over 20 years of experience in personal injury claims and accept direct billing to Insurers.


Trinity Wellness offers you treatments for your body, mind and spirit.


All of our equipment are approved by CSA and Health Canada for their intended use.

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3434 Yonge St. Toronto
Ontario M4N 2M9

+1 905-709-2466

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Our Technology

At Trinity Wellness, patients will experience the most updated types of equipment and technologies that will help our patients to cope with pains and concerns.